Plush Spaniel of Healing

A stuffed animal that heals those nearby


UUID: 3ab503ce-60ee-4f57-b083-1dd3512642c2
Weight: 2lbs.
Cost: 5000gp
XP: 1000


This well-made spaniel plush toy is about 2′ × 1′ and posed in a sleeping position. The fur is red and white parti-colored and very soft to the touch. When placed within a 2’ radius of anyone sleeping, they are healed 1 hp every 1 hour for a maximum of 8 hp per day. In addition, the animal provides limited protection against dream-based or mental attacks and scrying, granting +1 to all saving throws to all within a 2’ radius.

The construction of the plush spaniel is only available to priests who have access to the healing and protection spheres. The materials required are bushels high-quality lavender, chamomile, and poppy seeds picked on the next full moon after the summer solstice. The plants must have been cultivated in soil which has previously absorbed blood spilled during battle. In addition to down feathers from Pegasuses, these form the stuffing. The plush material is woven from fur cut from 100 spaniels of even temperament in addition to hair from the mane of a unicorn, which is also used for stitching. The eyes are polished obsidian, and the nose is made from a small patch of soft leather from a deer found by a spaniel on a hunt. The sewing must be accomplished by a master tailor or seamstress. Someone with the sewing proficiency can attempt at -5. Once constructed, the ritual to bind the magic involves casting healing spells while tracing wards on the animal with blessed drool from a faithful spaniel before casting permanency.

Plush Spaniel of Healing

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