A parasitic plant with glowing berries

  • Cost: 15gp / bunch
  • Weight: 0.1 lbs.
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Like mistletoe, these bush-like parasitic plants can be found perched high in the branches of old trees deep inside temperate forests. During winter, the plants bear fruit, which glow with a pale, white light. Each berry has about half the luminance of a candle. Even if plucked, both the berries and the juice from them will glow for the rest of the season.

If injested, the berries act as a powerful appetite suppressant that will make the imbiber feel full for 1d2 weeks unless that person saves vs. poison. During this time, the victim will have no desire to eat, which can lead to weakness or other effects at the DM’s discretion.

The wealthy have been known to cultivate the plant in gardens and groves. They are often used for decoration and lighting at winter festivals. It is common practice to gather several branches with leaves and berries intact for decoration.

Other common uses are as a long lasting light source in any lantern as an alternative to combustion. This is especially useful for dungeoneering and other low oxygen or combustible gas settings. The juice can also be spread as a pigment on dungeon walls to mark the way back to the entrance.

At the DM’s discretion, the berries and juice can be used as a material component for spells or as an ingredient for potions.


Altafinium Motherplucker